Is Your Skin Trying to Tell You Something? 5 Facial Clues to Liver Issues

Do you have a fatty liver?

Fatty liver is when your liver has too much fat in it. It’s a common problem. Some research from a big meeting of doctors says that more than one out of every three adults has a liver problem. This problem can make them more likely to have heart problems, cancer, or type 2 diabetes.

Fatty liver without alcohol (NAFLD) can happen if you’re overweight, have high blood sugar, or have lots of fat in your blood. These things often happen because of bad habits in how you live.

Why it’s important to know the symptoms.

Sometimes, liver problems don’t make you feel sick at first. You only start to feel bad when your liver is really not working right.

It’s very important to know what signs to look for because if you find them early, you might be able to stop your liver from getting worse and failing.

Symptoms on your face.

There are five things you can see on your face that could be a sign of a fatty liver:

1. Your skin and the whites of your eyes turn yellow (called jaundice).
2. Your skin gets red.
3. You get small red veins on your face.
4. You get red bumps filled with pus on your face (called rosacea).
5. Your skin looks waxy.

What causes these face problems?

Doctors say these things happen when your liver isn’t working right, and your body can’t get rid of waste stuff like it should.

When your liver is sick, it can’t release a brownish-yellow thing called bilirubin like it’s supposed to. If bilirubin builds up in your body, it can make your skin and eyes turn yellow, which is jaundice.

When to see a doctor.

If you have any of these problems that might be from a sick liver, it’s really important to talk to your doctor.

The red and yellow things in your eyes are a sign that your liver is very sick. So, don’t try to figure it out on your own. Wait for your doctor to tell you what’s wrong and what to do.

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