AMD might be preparing Ryzen 7000G desktop series

AMD hasn’t released a new desktop APU (a type of computer chip) for a while. They’ve been focusing on high-end gaming products like Vermeer/Cezanne (Zen3) and Raphael (Zen4), which have good graphics. But many people are waiting for AMD to update their APU series with better graphics called RDNA3.

The Ryzen 5000G series, which uses the older Vega graphics, is still around. AMD hasn’t made a desktop APU with the newer RDNA1 or RDNA2 graphics. So, if they release the Phoenix APU for desktops, it will be a big jump in graphics technology. People are excited about the possible launch of the Phoenix Ryzen 7000G series. The latest firmware for the AM5 platform now supports these chips, so they might be coming soon. The Phoenix silicon has already been used in laptops, Mini-PCs, and handheld consoles like the Ryzen 7040H(S), Ryzen 7040U, and Ryzen Z1 series. It’s much better than Rembrandt (Zen3+/RDNA2), which never became a desktop CPU.

It’s important to mention that ASUS’s B650 motherboard page talks about a “upcoming CPU,” which could be the Phoenix APU. Intel doesn’t have anything like the Phoenix in their current lineup. The Phoenix APU has up to 8 Zen4 cores and 12 Compute Units, while Intel’s Raptor Lake only has 96 Xe Execution Units. Intel might have something similar with Meteor Lake in the future, but we don’t know for sure yet. Also, having a powerful APU like the Phoenix might make the market for low-end desktop graphics cards even smaller.

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