Behind the Scenes: Top Gear Star’s Eerie Premonition of Safety Concerns

The TV host Freddie Flintoff got hurt really bad in a car crash while making a show called Top Gear. He was worried about safety on the same day as the crash. He was driving a fast car, and he thought it might not be safe because of the car and the track conditions. The people in charge of the show knew he was nervous about it.

After the crash, they stopped filming the 34th season of Top Gear. Freddie’s face was hurt, and he broke some of his ribs. They’re not sure if the show will continue because they’re checking to make sure everything is safe.

Also, two important people who worked on the show left recently. Top Gear has been on TV for a really long time, and it was most famous when Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond were the hosts. But they left in 2015, and they now make another popular show called The Grand Tour on Amazon Video.

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