Celebrating National Get Funky Day on October 5th

Make yourself feel great, make others happy, and have fun. Smile, laugh, and dance. Spread your excitement everywhere. This day is all about breaking out of your usual routine and having a good time. When we make life a bit more interesting, it can make our interactions with customers, coworkers, and loved ones better. Being funky is like a good kind of contagious! National Get Funky Day invites you to enjoy life, share love, laughter, and positivity!

Here’s how to celebrate National Get Funky Day: Dress in bright and colorful clothes, dance to cheerful music, smile, laugh, relax, give high fives, and hugs to people. Throw a party, help your neighbor, stay positive, and most importantly, have fun! Do something different from your usual routine and get funky. The aim is to spread as much happiness and positivity as possible, so this day becomes the most fun day ever!

The history of National Get Funky Day: It was created by Funkytown Fitness to encourage people to break out of their comfort zones and enjoy a day full of fun and excitement all across the country. When people get funky, they become happy, have a blast, and make the world a more positive place. This day originated from the amazing way the community came together to help strangers after Hurricane Matthew.

Image Source: https://www.nationaldaystoday.com/national-get-funky-day/

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