Croatia’s Green Energy Goldmine 5 Geothermal Permits Granted

The government of Croatia gave permission for some companies to look for hot water underground in certain places. They picked five areas for this. Here are the companies that got permission:

  1. A company called INA can explore in the “Lescan” and “Medimurje 5” areas.
  2. Another company named IGeoPen can explore in the “Pcelic” and “Sjece” areas.
  3. There’s a company called Viola Energy Generation (they work with a Turkish company) that can explore in the “Kotoriba” area.

Nobody wanted to explore in the “Ferdinandovac” area, so they canceled that part. You can find the official results and permits on the Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development’s website.

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency ran a process from December 2022 to June 2023 to choose who could explore these areas. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is in charge, and the Hydrocarbons Agency helped with the process.

Many companies, including ones from other countries in Europe, wanted to explore these places. In total, they will build 21 wells to explore, and the cost for this is about EUR 191.7 million. If the exploration goes well, and they find good stuff underground, the whole project might cost more than EUR 400 million.

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