Google rolls out Messages homescreen redesign that drops nav drawer

Google has changed how the Messages app looks on your phone. They started trying it out in June, and now they’re giving it to everyone after testing it for a while.

Before, there was a search bar at the top of the app. Now, there’s a bar with the Google logo, the word “Messages,” and a magnifying glass. This is Google’s way of showing that they made this messaging app. The big change is that they got rid of the menu you used to find on the side. Instead, you’ll find options like Archived, Spam & blocked, Mark as all read, and Device pairing when you tap your profile picture in the top-right corner. A little bubble tells you that these things are now “in one place” with the app settings. They also changed how searching works. It looks a bit different now, with categories instead of the old way it looked. You can quickly find your favorite texts and use filters to sort your messages.

One thing to know is that they removed the tabs at the top for All, Personal, and Business messages. But they kept the option to auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours in settings. If you use Google Messages, you might see these changes now. If not, you can try “Force stop” in the app settings. Google didn’t officially announce these changes, but they’ve been making other updates to the app recently.

That’s the new look for Google Messages!

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