I left Open AI to support the AI revolution. Here’s why real change won’t come from the epicenter

In the world of new technology, AI stands out as the most powerful one we’ve seen recently. When I was at OpenAI, I helped make important decisions about AI that are changing how businesses work. These decisions are making industries better, helping them work more efficiently, and making things easier.

It might sound strange, but to really shape where AI is going, I’ve left the center of innovation to talk to more people about it. I want to show people the opportunities AI brings and warn them about mistakes.

We can see AI making a big difference in everyday life, like automating tasks in banking, making supply chains work better in factories, and improving how customers are treated in stores. In medicine, AI is helping doctors diagnose things faster than they could on their own. And in farming, it’s using data to grow more food.

But not everyone is using AI yet. A survey of CEOs showed that only half of them have started using AI in their companies. Time is running out, and for those who are falling behind, catching up will be really hard.

AI can give us more time and let us be more human. But to get there, we need to make big changes. Studies have shown that businesses that adapt to AI can be five times more productive.

As AI changes industries, the real danger isn’t just falling behind – it’s becoming irrelevant. Every delay means missed chances. While one company is deciding what to do, others are taking action and setting new standards. Things are moving really fast, and even small businesses that think they’re safe might be at risk.

Now, let’s talk about the big issue: AI might take some people’s jobs. This has happened with other big changes in the past, like the internet or the Industrial Revolution. Some jobs will change, and some might go away, but new jobs will also appear – jobs we can’t even imagine yet.

I strongly support the idea that AI has a lot of potential. But it’s up to us to use it responsibly. America wants to be a leader in AI, and I feel a duty to help businesses, local governments, and my fellow Americans understand and use this technology.

AI can seem mysterious, but it’s not just about computer stuff. It’s about giving everyone access to information and new ideas, no matter where they are in society.

In our history, AI isn’t just a small part – it’s a big turning point. As we welcome this new era, our wisdom and planning will decide whether AI helps just a few people or becomes something that empowers everyone. Even after leaving OpenAI, I’m still hopeful. If we work together and have a shared vision, AI can change all parts of our society for the better.

Image Source: https://www.euronews.com/next/2023/01/25/chatgpt-ai-will-shape-the-world-on-a-scale-not-seen-since-the-iphone-revolution-says-opena

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