Millie Bobby Brown tells why she considered blocking her mom on Tiktok

Millie Bobby Brown, the actress from ‘Stranger Things,’ said she thought about stopping her mom from using TikTok because her mom kept sending her videos of sad animals.

In an interview, the 19-year-old actress from England said that although she doesn’t often send funny videos or TikToks to others, her mom sends her a lot. However, the videos her mom sends are not the ones she likes.

She joked that she even thought about blocking her mom on TikTok because her mom kept sending “sad, sad TikToks of dogs being rehabilitated.” But she realized she had to tell her mom to stop sending sad videos because it made her feel sad before important events.

Even though she told her mom not to send those videos anymore, her mom said, “But, you know, it does happen.” Eventually, they agreed to only send happy videos.

Millie Bobby Brown, who started acting in ‘Stranger Things’ when she was 12, said she’s ready to move on from the show after it finishes with Season 5. She compared it to graduating from high school, saying it’s like her senior year.

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