Nikon Z9 firmware Update 4.10

Nikon has updated their top-notch Nikon Z9 camera with new software, called firmware version 4.10. This update may not have tons of new stuff, but it does bring a couple of cool additions.

So, what’s new in this update? Well, they’ve added two new ways for the camera to detect things.

First, there’s a special mode for finding birds. This makes it better at spotting birds, even in tricky situations like when they’re flying or sitting in a forest or mountains. It’s also good at spotting birds with unique looks. This update also makes it easier to track fast-moving birds when you’re taking photos.

Second, there’s a mode for detecting airplanes. This works well in dark or busy backgrounds, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the airplane is.

These new detection modes work whether you’re taking photos or shooting videos.

Also, there’s another update planned for the Nikon Z8 camera in the first half of 2024. It will also have a special mode for finding birds, and they’re making other improvements too.

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