Sony Hack Spreads Fear: How to Protect Your PlayStation Account from Intruders!

A new group of computer hackers, called, said they broke into all of Sony’s computer systems. They asked Sony to pay them money to keep the data safe, but Sony said no. So, the hackers said they would sell the data.

To prove they really had Sony’s data, the hackers showed some files they took. This worried people who use Sony’s services, especially gamers. Many gamers want to know how to delete their PlayStation accounts because they are scared. This isn’t the first time Sony got attacked by hackers. In 2011, they had a big problem when data from 77 million PlayStation Network accounts got out. Sony had to shut down its network for 23 days to fix things. Right now, this hack doesn’t seem as bad, but it’s causing a lot of trouble. Someone named “MajorNelson” says the hackers are lying. MajorNelson even showed some of the data the hackers claim to have, like login information for Sony’s systems and how to handle problems.

We don’t know exactly what happened yet, but Sony is taking it seriously. A spokesperson for Sony said they are looking into it. They didn’t say what information might have been taken. People are rushing to delete their PlayStation accounts because they worry this could be as bad as the 2011 hack. We hope Sony will tell us more about what’s happening soon.

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