Tinder’s Latest Weapon Against Misbehavior: Introducing ID Verification

Tinder is doing more to make sure its users are safe. They are testing a new feature in Australia and New Zealand. This feature checks if people are who they say they are on their profiles.

This new tool looks at things like your date of birth and how much you look like your photos. It’s like an extra step to make sure people are real. Tinder Australia said they’ve been working on safety for years and have made 20 safety updates. Starting today, Tinder is testing this new feature for users in Australia and New Zealand. To use it, you have to take a video of yourself and show your driver’s license or passport. The app will then check if your face in the video matches your ID and profile photos.

If someone finishes both ID and photo checks, their profile will show a blue checkmark. If they only do photo verification, a blue camera icon will appear, and if it’s only ID verification, a blue ID icon will show up. Tinder might expand this feature to other places in the future, depending on how this test goes. Tinder is doing this with support from a group called WESNET and Teach Us Consent. They hope this new feature will help keep people safe on the app.

Chanel Contos, from Teach Us Consent, said she looks forward to seeing the results of this test. She hopes it will stop people from using the app in a harmful way and make users feel safer when meeting new people. Tinder and Chanel Contos recently made a “School of Swipe” to teach people about safe dating. They also have tips on how to handle rejection and bad behavior.

One person who worked on this project, Max Radcliffe, said that some people get very upset when they don’t get matches or people don’t talk to them on the app. He said it’s important to find happiness in other parts of life, not just through dating apps.

Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/07/tinder-makes-it-easier-to-report-bad-actors-using-unmatch-to-hide-from-victims/

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